The link below illustrates the dire need for foster parents to be retained and for new foster parents to get licensed to provide care.  At Youthnet we are striving to do both through providing exceptional support to our foster parents where they need it and spread the word about the intense need for more foster parents.  Better support and more foster homes equate to fewer moves for children and youth in foster care and more successful outcomes. 

TFN is especially interested in increasing therapeutic foster care placements. 

We want to increase placement options in our local communities so these kids can either stay within their community they are being removed from or come back to the community they have been displaced from.  Too many kids not only being taken from their community, but being sent across the country.  It can be so damaging to disconnect these youth from their community and everyone they know.

We are of the opinion that if enough people within our local communities truly understood the foster care issues impacting their community – and were given clear ways to help – we’d have more than enough homes and we’d have communities that provide opportunities for connection versus communities that marginalize these kids. 


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