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Stop AAPI Hate: A Letter from Executive Director Carla Arnold

Hello again community partners, clients, and friends of Youthnet,

I can’t believe I am here again writing about racism. Well, on second thought, unfortunately I can. The violence and hatred being perpetrated against our Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) brothers and sisters is appalling. Youthnet condemns these senseless attacks and stands in solidarity with the Asian community. It is incredibly sad, frustrating and maddening to see the callousness and disrespect for one’s fellow citizens these acts continue to unveil. 

We must stand together against hate and support one another in putting an end to these ongoing threats to our humanity and unity. Our country has a long history of systemic racism and the hate, discrimination, and oppression has led to fear, pain, insecurity and a loss of dignity. No one should have to feel unsafe in their own country, in their own community or in their own home. Working within the foster care system Youthnet knows this all too well. We have to align together, provide safety and healing, and step up to condemn this reprehensible behavior.

As stated in my prior letter, racial injustice is intolerable and we stand with those who take action against the inequities and violence that are perpetrated against those who are different from ourselves. Equity, diversity, inclusion and humility are valued at our organization and we strive to grow and learn from those that can help bring us understanding and acceptance. Youthnet believes in and values the dignity and worth of all those who work for us, with us, and who are served through our programs. We support those organizations that do the same for people of color as well as any people who are subject to discrimination, human rights violations, social injustice, and maltreatment, physical and mental harm. We will continue to practice with compassion and caring and seek to improve the way we serve those that are underserved, undervalued, and marginalized. #StopAAPIHate

Carla Arnold
Executive Director

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