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How to Transfer Your Foster Care License to Youthnet

When families decide to become foster parents, they have the option to license through the State or through an agency like Youthnet for free additional support. Often when we talk with foster families in our community, we find that they didn't know they had this option. If you're licensed with the State, or with another agency, and you would like to learn more about licensing with Youthnet, we encourage you to attend our next Online Foster Care Info Meeting or give us a call at (360)420-2206! 

Youthnet foster families have access to 24/7 on call support, a Case Manager with a small case load, respite, Visitation Supervisors, online support groups and trainings, a private Facebook community, and Case Aide services (for youth in therapeutic/BRS care and as approved by Social Workers for youth in traditional foster care).

If you decide to move forward, here is the process for re-licensing through Youthnet:

  1. Visit our Licensing page and complete the following steps
    • Download and complete a Transfer ROI
    • Download and complete a new Application form
    • Complete an online background check for all household members over age 16+; save the PDF copy and confirmation numbers (you will not need to complete new fingerprints)
  2. Send the following pieces to our team member Holland at
    • Your completed Transfer ROI
    • The contact information for your current licensor
    • Your completed Application form
    • The full name, confirmation number, and PDF copy of all online background forms
    • A driver's license or photo ID for all household members over age 16+
  3. Holland will send you an invitation to Youthnet's online portal and a request to fill out an online ROI for each household member over age 16. This allows us to communicate with the State and receive your background results.

You'll be connected with a Youthnet Licensor who will request your foster parent file using the Transfer ROI. If there are documents your current Licensor is unable to send, Youthnet will reach out to you directly to request these. After your Youthnet Licensor receives your files, they will set up an interview with you to discuss any changes that have occurred since your home study was written, talk about your experience fostering, and complete a new home inspection. Your Youthnet Licensor will complete new references and edit your previous home study to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date. They can use your previously completed paperwork, such as your Personal Info form, Financial Worksheet, and Emergency Evacuation and Floorplan. If it has been an extended period of time since these forms were completed, they may ask that you re-sign and date. If significant changes are needed to the forms, they may ask that a new copy be completed through our online portal system. New Medical Reports are only needed when there have been significant changes in medical conditions. Household members can use the TB test results on file and do not need to re-test.

Please note that if you are caring for a child from out of state through an ICPC or if you are currently in an investigation, Youthnet will be unable to license your home at this time. 

Youthnet licenses foster families and provides ongoing support for infants, children, and teens of all ages in: Skagit, Whatcom, Snohomish, San Juan, and Island Counties. In addition to the counties listed above, Youthnet also licenses foster families with a focus on school-age children and teenagers (ages 5-18+) in: King, Pierce, Kitsap, Clallam, Jefferson, and Gray's Harbor Counties.

Ready to get started? Contact Holland Wood at:

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