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Please note that due to current CDC and Skagit County Public Health recommendations about COVID-19, the coronavirus, Youthnet staff are working from home whenever possible and Emerson students will be utilizing distance learning. If you need to reach a staff member, please utilize their emails and work cell numbers, as access to desk phones will be limited. Foster parent inquiries may be made through our website, and we will connect you with a staff member to talk about next steps. Thank you for your understanding!

Given current CDC and State recommendations regarding COVID-19, what steps can I take to become a licensed foster parent?

This week Youthnet received approval for two new homes, bringing us to a total of 40 Youthnet foster families!

Can you help Youthnet spread the message about the need for foster homes?

Youthnet's foster care programs have grown over the years, and this fall our team celebrated working with a current total of 30 licensed foster families!

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