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Family Time Visitation Program

The trauma of foster care is impactful, and for successful reunification to occur, parent-child visitation must be a priority. When children are placed into foster care, they have the right to remain in contact and see their parents and siblings.  There are reasons children are removed from their parents' care and placed into foster care, and because of those reasons, often visitation must be supervised or monitored. Visit supervisors are contracted with DCYF to coordinate, transport children, supervise and provide documentation for family time.

We provide supervised visitation for parents and children as well as siblings who have been separated in care through.  We also provide these services to families licensed through the State or other private agencies.

Youthnet has two visitation rooms, equipped with toys, books, art supplies and a quiet area for babies to sleep.  It is Youthnet’s goal to make parents' and children’s visitation experience successful, fun and safe.

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