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Therapeutic Foster Network

It is not widely known that many local foster youth with behavioral challenges spend several nights in hotels or are forced to move out of their communities of origin to programs outside of Washington State.  In most instances this happens because of the lack of foster homes with caregivers who are well-educated in trauma and behavior.  

The foundation for well-being is physical and emotional safety. Unplanned moves within foster care add to the complexity of trauma and increase the likelihood for additional challenges to overcome.  TFN is dedicated to not moving youth due to behavior related to the traumas they have endured.

A vast majority of trauma happens within relationships, so it takes new healthy relationships to promote healing. We can never predict which relationship might be the catalyst that sets a person on the path to healing. We help heal people when we promote connections to positive people and our communities.

We know if we do not care for these children and youth appropriately now, they move into homelessness, into our juvenile justice and other public care systems as adults. It becomes more expensive to take care of them down the road.

However, rather than focusing on the statistics, we want people to consider the plight of the individual children.  These kids need people who are willing to take the time to understand them, to walk the difficult path with them.

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