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People who study this, like the center for disease control and SAMHSA estimate that the cost of child abuse and neglect is about $124 billion a year (Premier Education Solutions, 2010). Calculations show the cost of child maltreatment equals that of cancer and heart disease (Premier Education Solutions, 2010). It is the biggest public health issue in America

These costs include hospitalizations, medication, inability to work, inability to have stable relationships, and incarcerations. It costs more to send an adult to jail than it does to college.

Of course we’re interested in a whole lot more than saving our society’s money. We’re talking about quality of life, the well-being of people – and the impact that has on not only them but also on those around them – their families, their children, the people they come into contact with. As previously stated, we know that these youth are at an increased risk to become homeless, incarcerated, and/or become involved with other public care systems, So, people with unresolved trauma become enormously expensive when they grow to be adults.  Not only in terms of incarceration and mental health, but also from the medical point of view. They experience physical pain and ongoing health problems. This is what the famous ACE studies showed.



In the video Developmental Trauma Disorder (Premier Education Solutions, 2010), Bessel A. van der Kolk, M.D. describes the financial cost of child maltreatment


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