Therapeutic Foster Care

Youth in foster care are regular kids, who have had irregular things happen to them.

What is therapeutic foster care?

Neglect, abuse, and moving from home to home creates complex trauma for kids in foster care.  They have had to overcome difficult life experiences at a young age, and sometimes, this is expressed through challenging behaviors.  The state acknowledges that some kids need extra support from a private agency like Youthnet’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program. When one of these kids needs a home, the state contacts private agencies and asks if they have any therapeutic foster families that would be a good fit for the child.  Youthnet works with all levels of foster parents, but therapeutic foster parents receive more training to better support the higher level needs of these kids.

Youth in therapeutic foster care have usually been in foster care longer and are often placed in group homes or out of state due to a lack of available therapeutic foster homes.  Our goal is to increase the number of local therapeutic homes so that youth can stay in their community, in a family setting, and maintain their support system of friends, family, neighbors, and teachers.

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