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Mission & Vision

Youthnet is a nonprofit agency committed to serving children, youth and families. The majority of our programs revolve around foster care services for children and youth, but we also partner with and support families in need. Ultimately, we are working together to create opportunities for healing from the past and promoting hope for the future.

Our Mission is to provide caring and supportive social and educational services to youth and families to help them attain a productive and successful life.

Our Vision is to contribute to building a foundation for healthy individuals and families based on the practice of equity, diversity and inclusion for all those we serve and support in the effort to create a stronger, more unified community. 

Our Core Values:

  • We believe in the dignity, worth and potential of those we serve.
  • We believe in client-centered services that promote self-determination, self-sufficiency and respects diversity.
  • We believe in providing ethical professional services consistent with ‘best practices’ methods of service delivery.
  • We believe in a servant leadership model of administration that values collaboration, teamwork, personal responsibility and commitment to our mission.
  • We value and support our employees through fair, legal and compassionate treatment and industry standard compensation
  • We believe in striving for excellence through continuous improvement in all aspects of organizational services and operations.
  • We believe in being a leader in the community through innovative services and strategic response to change.
  • We believe in community partnerships and advocacy that advances our mission.

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