Foster Care


Every child deserves a safe and loving home

Who are the kids?

  • All ages and abilities
  • Sibling groups and only children
  • Have had or are going through traumatic experiences
  • Able-bodied and not so able-bodied
  • Gifted learners and challenged learners
  • Shy, scared, funny, awkward, angry, talented, curious, needy, and lovable

Who are foster parents?

  • Single or married
  • Male or female
  • All races and religions
  • Over 21 years of age
  • Self-supporting

What is required of me to qualify be a foster parent?

  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Able to meet state home safety qualifying requirements (ie having enough space)
  • Attend a Caregiver Core Training (CCT) pre-service training, plus ongoing training after licensing to gain new positive parenting skills
  • Complete First Aid/CPR and HIV/AIDS training


  • Be attentive, understanding, consistent, and patient with youth
  • Have appropriate attitudes toward safety, nurturing, discipline, expectations, and age-appropriate behavior to create a safe environment
  • Have the time, energy, commitment, and emotional stability to work with youth’s unique situations
  • Be willing to take children to doctor, dentist, and counseling appointments
  • Support children in becoming involved in school and community activities
  • Able to model constructive family relationships

How can you help?

  • Provide temporary respite care overnight, for a weekend, or for a few days
  • Provide short term foster care for up to 60 days
  • Be a foster parent that assists in reunification with biological families
  • Provide long term care through foster/adopt

How does the Youthnet Foster Care Team assist foster parents?

  • One to one licensing support
  • Ongoing case management
  • 24/7/365 on call support
  • Respite as needed
  • Financial compensation
  • Foster care appreciation and celebration events

If you would like to explore whether fostering would be a positive choice for your family, please call for more information or click on the following link:

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