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A Therapeutic Room for Children, Youth, and Families

Youthnet used to be an alternative high school, that used to support hundreds of youth in their education.  Now, with the school no longer located at our facility, the space has been underutilized. However, it is being brought back to life to accommodate the needs of all of our children, youth and families across our programs!

With a larger space to host a range of families receiving parenting or support services to youth coming together to gather and find community and assistance from registered mentors, it will be a safe haven for all.  It also has an adjoining smaller room that will be outfitted to be a sensory room with the capability to be utilized by case aids, managers, guardians and youth alike-- it will be an unmatched space compared to any other to provide for more specialized forms of therapy and de-escalation.

The physical space to bring this idea alive already exists, all that is missing is the resources needed to convert  it into a mental health haven-- financial and material means to remodel and equip the room.  The adjoining enclosed space also needs outfitting to accommodate the needs of children with sensory challenges.

Visit our myRegistry to purchase and/or donate an item that the room needs to fulfill its purpose and design.  You can also donate today to directly support this project by clicking below:

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