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El Sol Nace para Todos

The Youthnet and United Way parent support group program "The Sun Rise for All" was born with the principal objective of producing a transformation in the Hispanic community of Skagit Valley, seeking strengthening and participation with the members as principal actors of their environment.

From the theory to the practice:

In other words, based on this statement, we develop intervention strategies that promote people to be agents of change in our environments and active agents in detecting our needs and solving our problems.

! Together we can do it!

It is the community itself who recognize themselves as the protagonists, the specialists, and the producers of change.

Therefore, the parent support group "The sun Rise for All" promotes a development that goes beyond the individual dimension, since its objective is not only to collaborate and support partial development changes in people but also impact the family nucleus, and the community to achieve qualitative changes both in their environment and in relationships.

This program shares and informs knowledge about healthy parenting strategies, non-violent communication, brain development, psychological development, relaxation techniques, and stress management, to name a few themes. Besides, it provides opportunities to join in paid or volunteer community projects that the program has been acquiring through developing ties of friendship, fellowship, and knowledge exchange and volunteer work with partner organizations that collaborate with the "The Sun Rise for All" Program. 

We serve pregnant mothers, parents with children between the ages of 0-7, 8-11, 12-14, 15-18 adolescent parents.

Without any intention of leaving male parents behind or minimize their participation as positive agents of change, a group of male parents will be open soon.

If you or your organization wants to be part of this program, we are with open arms to receive your volunteer help, financial help, or motivational words to move forward.

Thank you very much.


If interested, please contact:

Hulda B. Mazariegos G
Program Coordinator & Educator


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