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I Will Give Up ____ and Give Back $____ to children, youth and families!

What are you willing to Give Up to Donate instead?

  •  Dollar Menu Item
  •  Cup of Coffee
  •  Dessert
  •  Movie Ticket
  •  Shopping Trip
  •  Haircut
  •  Tank of Gas
  •  ...and Other Things! 

This is a fun and easy way to see just how much a little can go a long way!  You can give-up one thing, one time or you can setup recurring GiveBacks (which you can stop at any time).  Thank you for your support.  We are so appreciative for any way you decide to give back to our children, youth and families.

There are also so many other ways you can support Youthnet-- from volunteering to hosting a fundraiser.  Click on either of those options to learn more and submit your interest to our community connections team.

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