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Foster Parent Trainings

All foster parents are required to participate in relevant training each year.  This is a great opportunity to gain parenting skills, better understand the effects of trauma, and meet other local foster parents.  Below is a list of online and upcoming trainings that count towards your ongoing requirements.

To browse additional opportunities through Alliance for Child Welfare, click here.  You may also sign up for their email list to receive updates about upcoming trainings in your area.

If you participate in an online training video that does not provide a certificate, check with your Youthnet licensor to be sure it qualifies for training credit. If it does qualify, please complete this video form to receive credit. (one per caregiver)

Featured Trainings

  • "Three Guiding Truths": In this hour-long video, foster and adoptive parent Tiff Junker shares the three guiding truths for building regulation and resilience in children with significant trauma related needs.

Online Trainings: Any Time At Your Own Pace

Webinars: Online at a Specific Date & Time

Welcome Books

We highly recommend reading the following two articles and creating a Welcome Book for your home.  Welcome Books are a great way to help children and teens get to know your home and family, and to be able to reference your names in those first few days together.  By reading both articles and showing your Welcome Book to your Youthnet case manager or licensor, we will add 0.5 hours of training credit to your training log.

Support Groups

Many support groups include a training component. Please send a copy of your certificate to your licensor.

  • Youthnet offers quarterly in-person support groups. E-vites are sent to licensed families over email.
  • Fostering Together offers monthly in-person support groups at varied locations.

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